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Fall Registration for Classes and Productions

Saturday September 8 from 10 AM to 3 PM in our office at St. Albans Episcopal Church Outreach Center, 301 North 30th Street. We will offer classes in acting for children kindergarten through 12th grade, also classes in musical theatre dance, musical theatre voice along with special workshops in art and design, rehearsals and performances for Christmas and other shows.For information, call me at 776-0707.

Everyone Takes a Bow –
Our Children, Parents and Community

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As a nonprofit organization, we provide show-stopping opportunities for all young people regardless of their backgrounds or resources. Young performers are exposed to intensive training in music, creative movement, art, acting and stage etiquette.

Since 1992, Waco Children’s Theatre has served to make a lasting difference in the lives of Waco-area families. Youth experiences include summer and holiday performances, summer camps and various "hands-on"educational opportunities. Thank you for supporting us with time and/or resources by contacting Linda Haskett at 776-0707 .

Now, do you hear our applause?