Photo from a Waco Childrens Theatre performance
Photo of Linda Haskett of Waco Children's Theatre

Linda Haskett
Founder & Director

About Waco Children's Theatre

Founded in 1992, Waco Children's Theatre is a federally tax-exempt, nonprofit organization.

Act One – A Vision
Beginning with a vision and 35 children, Executive Director Linda Haskett, in partnership with other dedicated volunteers, continues to inspire thousands of children to discover and share their artistic gifts and talents. This vision is carried out through drama, music and physical expression.  In a nurturing and accepting environment, children explore and share their creativity and uniqueness by serving behind the scenes and performing on the stage.

Act Two – A Mission
Serving Waco and the surrounding central Texas area, our mission is to help young people develop confidence, self-awareness and character through the performing arts.  

Act Three – A Beginning
This children’s stage in Waco, Texas, prepares children for the stages of life – wherever they may go. Young people gain confidence and experience self-expression through activities such as, workshops, rehearsals, set design and stage performances. They also learn the values of team work:  trusting oneself and others, setting goals, building bridges and bringing enjoyment to others. 

This children’s stage in Waco, Texas, helps forever fortify our children’s potential and self-worth. You are invited to see for yourself!