Please be advised that we are cancelling the following shows for the upcoming weekend:
12/17 Saturday 4pm  & Saturday 7pm
The kids were so tired last weekend, and we just thought the four shows were too much. This way each cast still gets two more shows to perform for the weekend.
The Schedule is as follows:
Friday 12/16  Red Cast (Charlie is Logan)
Saturday 12/17 10am Green Cast (Charlie is Tyler)
Saturday 12/17 1pm Red Cast
Sunday 12/18 2pm Green Cast
Pickup times for Saturday 12/17 will be 2:15-2:30, and Sunday it will be closer to 3:30pm as we will have strike after the show.
We are sorry if this is an inconvenience to anyone planning on attending, but we just thought it was best.
Also please remember that the Main Cast only is called on Thursday from 6:30-7:30 for a line rehearsal.
Please call Linda at 254-776-0707 if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you,
Becca Shivers


Everyone Takes a Bow – Our Children, Parents and Community

Do you hear the applause?
You will see a child’s self-esteem blossom before your eyes.
You will encourage children realizing values and enjoying rewards that come from commitment and dedication.
You will watch in never-ending wonder as children perform magical theatre experiences for everyone.

How Can You Help?
As a nonprofit organization, we provide show-stopping opportunities for all young people regardless of their backgrounds or resources. Young performers are exposed to intensive training in music, creative movement, art, acting and stage etiquette.

Since 1992, Waco Children’s Theatre has served to make a lasting difference in the lives of Waco-area families. Youth experiences include summer and holiday performances, summer camps and various “hands-on”educational opportunities. Thank you for supporting us with time and/or resources by contacting Linda Haskett at 776-0707.

Now, do you hear our applause?